• An Exciting New Arrival Sets The Benchmark of A New Era For Maserati
  • Published: 10 September 2020

2020 marks the year for Maserati’s multi-billion-pound revival and at the forefront of that is the incredible, performance-focussed MC20 Supercar. Announced on the 9th September, the stunning machine embodies all of the sporting prowess, drama & unique luxury Maserati design cues that we’ve come to recognise, refined with a refreshed new approach from the Modena manufacturer.

The MC20 stands for ‘Maserati Corse’ with 20 – for 2020 – and is the first two-seater car since the MC12 launch in 2004. It’s been described as a car born to run and proudly take Maserati’s brand DNA back onto the track. In the past, Maserati had relied on technology from its sister company Ferrari, but since their departure from parent company FCA back in 2016, this was no longer an option. Maserati have decided to take things firmly back to their Modena roots and build a car from the ground up, with an injection of some of the most iconic Italian excellences as partners.

Maserati believes the MC20 will be the benchmark of inspiration for the cars of their future; it is 100% made in Italy, fully developed and engineered in Modena.

Race car marque Dallara have contributed their excellence to this ambitious project by designing and developing the car’s aerodynamic components for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. Over 2000 man-hours were spent with the MC20 in Dallara’s wind tunnel to finely tune Maserati’s goal and primary focus, optimizing ultimate performance. 

The ‘Nettuno’ mid-mounted engine, gets its name from the roman god who inspired the unmistakable Maserati Trident logo, and is a new breed of Maserati power plant that gets a clever pre chamber ignition system resulting in a fuel-air mixture that’s ignited at multiple points, rather than isolated at a single site of a spark plug. Influenced by F1, this innovative new combustion system from Maserati increases both efficiency and outright performance.

Ultimately, its core make up is a 3.0 V6 90° mounted twin turbo petrol unit and it pumps out an incredible 621BHP, which translates to a 0-62mph time of 2.9 seconds and a top speed in excess of 200 mph. Power is delivered to the rear wheels though an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and a self-locking mechanical limited-slip differential at the rear.

Chassis wise, the car is made up of largely carbon fibre which contributes to an overall kerb weight of less than 1500kg – translating to a power to weight ratio of a staggering 441bhp per tonne. The MC20 gets not only beautiful but also functional butterfly doors as they improve the car’s ergonomics and enable optimal access to and from the cabin.

Maserati’s approach to the cabin with the MC20 is minimalistic and driver focussed with a host of finely crafted details and a unique mix of technology. Alcantara finishes the majority of the interior with key applications to the seats and the door panels, in laser perforated black Alcantara on a dark blue backing. There’s also a 10 Inch infotainment screen, 10 inch digital instrument cluster and gigantic Carbon Fibre paddle shifters for that ultimate performance feel. 

The recipe for this car is relatively simple; take Maserati’s well recognised design elements, pair it with iconic Italian pioneers such as Dallara, Brembo, Sabelt, Sonus Faber & Alcantara; plant an ingenious V6 in the middle, give it rear wheel drive with a clever diff and you have a car that will look good wherever it goes, and perform just as well if not better both on the road & the race track.

We believe the MC20 will propel Maserati perfectly into the direction they are hoping for. It’s a pure Italian masterpiece with exquisite design, the right amount of attention to detail and a cabin that houses the perfect blend of all the right supercar materials, and colours. We can’t wait to see one in the flesh.

  • An Exciting New Arrival Sets The Benchmark of A New Era For Maserati
  • An Exciting New Arrival Sets The Benchmark of A New Era For Maserati 2