• Ferrari F8 Tributo: The Fastest V8 Engined Ferrari Yet
  • Published: 16 April 2019

Ferraris mid-engined creations rarely need an introduction and in the case of the marques latest offering, it doesn't break from tradition. Welcome then, to the Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Ferrari knows how to do mid-engined V8 supercars. Take look at the pedigree, F430, 458, F88 GTB and now the F8. Along the way, these naturally aspirated prancing horses have also witnessed the addition of turbos and track focused variants in the guise of the 458 Speciale and 488 Pista.

With a bloodline this prolific anything new in this series of thoroughbreds needs to be special and in the F8 Tributo, special is exactly what we have. With the wraps coming off at the recent Geneva Motor Show it's designed to celebrate Ferrari’s acclaimed V8 engine which has won the coveted ‘Engine of the Year’ trophy every year since 2016.

The F8 Tributo picks up where the highly capable 488 GTB left off,  but what's new? Well, like most modern-day Ferrari’s the F8 Tributo is far more than a pretty face. Featuring a major design overhaul to that of the car it replaces, the F8 flaunts a new design direction for Ferrari and incorporates an all-new front end. Key of which is all new headlight clusters, which allow for better brake cooling thanks to the venting above the light units, and a far more angular and aggressive front apron.

These themes are clearly inspired by the Pista and naturally, in an aerodynamically focused world, everything at the front of this machine is there for a reason. A major piece in this aerodynamic puzzle is the arrival of the highly effective ‘S-Duct’. Again, something that first saw the light of day on the 488 Pista, the S-Duct on the F8 is credited in driving an aerodynamic uplift of 15% alone.

With this aerodynamic philosophy worked into the rest of the design of the car, aerodynamic performance across the board is markedly improved over the 488 GTB and allows for a far more confident approach behind the wheel, giving peace of mind that this thing will hang on when the road gets fast and twisty.

Aside from the significant aerodynamic uplift, it’s clear that Ferrari has taken inspiration from a variety of cars that sit in their illustrious back catalogue. A notable example of this is the clear and tri-slotted engine cover which is a direct throwback to the iconic F40. This allows for a fantastic and unimpeded view of what lay’s beneath.

What lays beneath is what can only be described as an engineering masterpiece. Seemingly every year Ferrari comes back and announces that they’ve managed to squeeze yet more power out of their stunning V8 engine, however in the F8 Tributo, you have a V8 engine that produces no less than 710 bhp from its 3.9-litre turbo eight-cylinder engine. With additional horses discovered, a standstill to 62 mph now comes in a mere 2.9 seconds and if you don’t relent in pressing the throttle pedal, you’ll see an overall top speed of 211 mph.

Combine this increased power output, a chassis that is refined for aerodynamic performance and consider that Ferrari has managed to shave a mighty 40 kg off the weight of the F8, versus the 488 GTB, and you have a very potent weapon indeed.

In addition to the mechanical and aesthetic work, the F8 witnesses a subtly improved interior which sees Ferrari’s latest infotainment system and new steering wheel configuration which now features across the Ferrari range. In addition, the F8 comes equipped with the latest version of Side Slip Control and an updated version of Dynamic Enhancer technology.

Ferrari has been going from strength to strength over recent years. Despite a turbulent year in 2018 which saw Ferrari group CEO Sergio Marchionne sadly pass away, Ferrari registered a strong sales and saw their market share increased further.

Despite some new kids on the block from the likes of McLaren and Lamborghini, the arrival of the F8 Tributo raises the mid-engined supercar bar higher and as a result, Ferraris reign at the top looks set to remain in place for some time to come.

  • Ferrari F8 Tributo: The Fastest V8 Engined Ferrari Yet
  • Ferrari F8 Tributo: The Fastest V8 Engined Ferrari Yet 2

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