• Lamborghini Have Taken The Notion of Open Top Motoring to Dizzy New Heights with the SC20
  • Published: 5 January 2021

Take inspiration from the Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster, an Aventador J, a Veneno Roadster and a Concept S, add in some Centro Stile design magic and the engineering prowess of Lamborghini’s motorsport division, plus the input of just one very lucky Lamborghini customer throughout its entire journey from conception to production and alas you find yourself here, the birth of a one-off Lamborghini SC20. 

The SC20 is the second in a series of one-off cars that have come from Lamborghini’s Motorsport Division, the first being the SC18 Alston. The overall aim for this car was to create an extremely unique vehicle from both a design & performance perspective. The injection of Lamborghini’s unique & typical aerodynamic approaches in the car’s lines and exclusive details, result in an unparalleled automotive engineering & design masterpiece.

Although no true performance figures have been released, it’s driving manners are perceived to be reflected by the way it looks – exhilarating. The SC20’s beating heart is that of the flagship 6.5 Naturally Aspirated, screaming V12 engine which delivers 720Nm of torque at 6,750rpm. This is transferred through an optimised 7-speed Independent Shifting Rod (ISR) gearbox, then put down onto the tarmac through a refined four-wheel-drive system, to 20” front and 21” rear aluminium rims, coated in Pirelli PZero Corsa tires.

We’ve seen similar screenless machines unveiled in recent years; the Aston Martin V12 Speedster, the McLaren Elva & Ferrari Monza, but none have been quite as dramatic and pioneering as this.
The car’s body is made up of Carbon Fibre and it has been meticulously crafted to optimize air flow. The Carbon Fibre has been hand-polished & slicked down by the Lamborghini Aerodynamic Engineers too to further optimise and guarantee the last word in open-air driving, even at high speeds.

The splitter at the front of the car is both prominent in beauty and purpose and is framed by two fins, and the air intakes on the bonnet take inspiration from the Huracan GT3 EVO. At the rear of the car, the exquisite and typical Lamborghini design is just as you would expect from the Italian marque. Its both angular & aggressive and is engineered to only the highest degree, with an increasingly familiar central-exit exhaust.

The Carbon Fibre rear wing spans the width of the car and runs down towards the rear diffuser, exposing those huge wide rear wheels. It can also be set in three positions: low, medium & high load.

In true Squadra Corse (SC) style, the exterior of the car is finished in a Bianco Fu White base with Blu Cepheus accents and Black wheels. This motorsport inspired palette is carried through into the interior where Nero Cosmus Black combines with Bianco Leda (White) to enhance the huge amount of Carbon Fibre components. The dashboard cover, rear wall, door panels, centre console, steering wheel trim & the monocoque are all made of it.


It is also found on the seat shells, that are upholstered in stylish Alcantara & leather with traditional Lamborghini ‘Y’ shapes styled to finish.

Attention to detail is ever prevalent to the whole of the SC20, but one thing that stands out for us is the Blu Cepheus pinstripe. It runs around each wheel and almost every conceivable edge & line, both externally & internally. It’s found around the edges of the front splitter, rear diffuser, rear wing, cooling ducts on top of the engine cover, inside the door vents & around the air intakes behind the headrests too. It offsets every angle, edge & shape in an undeniably Lamborghini fashion. 

The SC20 is a car that as mentioned, is an exercise that demonstrates a full Squadra Corse experience in terms of Lamborghini design from Centro Stile, with the solo customer’s wishes at the heart of the entire vehicle development and construction process. It is truly like nothing before it, and no doubt it will certainly influence many after it. Fingers crossed we’ll see some elements of the SC20 appearing on Lamborghinis to come.

  • Lamborghini Have Taken The Notion of Open Top Motoring to Dizzy New Heights with the SC20
  • Lamborghini Have Taken The Notion of Open Top Motoring to Dizzy New Heights with the SC20 2