• Lamborghini Huracán

When Lamborghini announced in 2014 that it was replacing the Gallardo, people wondered how they could improve upon the best-selling car in their history. Its successor, the new Huracán, had some pretty big tyres to fill.

But fill them it did – and then some. For the Huracán is much more than an updated Gallardo. Firstly, there’s the new seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox which replaces the Gallardo’s clunky manual or E-Gear versions. Not to mention the introduction of Lamborghini’s Dynamic Steering and Lifting System with Magneto-Rheological suspension. Then there’s the fact that the Huracán LP 610-4 comes with four-wheel drive and a carbon fibre and aluminium chassis which makes it lighter and more rigid than the Gallardo. On top of all this, Lamborghini had the wisdom to stick with a naturally-aspirated engine so the Huracán sounds as iconic as ever. Thank you, Lamborghini.

On the road, the Huracán snarls and roars its way up the revs as the 5.2 V10 engine delivers 610bhp to all four wheels. The stability systems (apparently, the same used by fighter jets) embolden you to unleash the Huracán's full potential. The intriguing red 'Soul' button on the steering wheel adjusts the configuration of the steering, traction and dampers. If you’re looking for a comfortable ride, pop it into Strada, but switch to Sport or Corsa and the Huracán transforms itself. The steering wheel instantly stiffens, giving you more feel, the suspension becomes more rigid and you can suddenly feel everything the car is doing under you. The exhaust kicks in letting you know you have 610bhp that the car wants you to use and the gear changes are sharp and precise. In Strada mode, you could drive granny to the Post Office to collect her pension but flick that little switch to Sport mode and the Huracán turns into the famous raging bull that adorns its front. Corsa is a whole new experience that needs to be saved for the track test. But even in raging bull mode with all its enhancements, the Huracán, despite being insanely fast, is still surprisingly easy to drive.

All of which makes it a formidable opponent for any of its rivals. But, what gives the Huracán, or indeed any Lamborghini, an unfair advantage in the war of the supercars, is that it is blessed with absolutely stunning looks. Subtler and sleeker than the increasingly aggressive-looking Gallardo but with enough Aventador traits to give it some edge, the Huracán is arguably Lamborghini’s best-looking car to date.

With the Huracán, it seems that Lamborghini have produced the holy grail of supercars — one that not only looks fantastic, but is also incredible to drive.


Top Speed: 202 mph, 0-62: 3.20 secs, Engine: 5,204cc, Fuel Type: Petrol, Transmission: Automatic, Weight: 2,000kg, Forward Gears: 7, Max Power: 610 BHP, Fuel: 22.6 mpg, CO2: 290g/km.

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