• New Porsche 718 Cayman GT4RS Now in testing ahead of its November release
  • Published: 21 October 2021

Porsche has the tendency to continue to push boundaries even by their own standards, and regularly come up trumps with developments on already sublime cars, amongst the releases of new models and variants. Try not to act surprised then, it has now been officially confirmed that an ‘RS’ variant of the incredible 718 Cayman GT4 will be launched in November. 

To wet the appetite of many of Porsche’s fans (including us) a film has been released by Porsche along with the onboard footage of the epic 7m 09s Nurburgring lap. The murmur of a 718 GT4RS started as far back as 2019 when AutoExpress managed to capture some images of a mule but we’ve now seen it fully testing, flat out! 


Porsche development driver, Jörg Bergmeister got behind the wheel of the new GT4 and stretched its legs and then some. Comparing lap times to a regular GT4 and this is where you’ll understand the need for its existence – it’s a staggering 23.6 seconds faster around the shorter loop of the Nurburgring and as far as Green Hell times go, that’s a phenomenal difference.

No real details have been released yet from Porsche when it comes to techinal developments & chassis upgrades, but no doubt we should see a more powerful version of the 4.0L powerplant found in its GT4 sibling – much like the formula when comparing a GT3 to a GT3RS.

Talking of GT3s, the new GT4RS seems to share the new aero treatment in that of the ginormous rear wing found on the 992 variant amidst naca bonnet ducts and many more subtle tweaks. Mr ‘GT’ himself, Andreas Preuninger has teased the developments however and has said Porsche have given the ‘718 Cayman GT4RS everything that characterises a genuine RS’ (RennSport). “Lightweight construction, more downforce, more power and, of course, an even higher level of responsiveness and feedback to driver inputs.”

The prevalent peddler behind the wheel in Bergmeister has labelled it as “the best 718 Cayman GT4 he has ever driven” and described it in terms we want to hear with it “feeling as nimble as a go-kart on mountain roads”.

We eagerly anticipate the launch of the car in November, so be sure to check back with us for more details on its release. Watch the onboard lap below! 

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