• Published: 20 January 2023

To commemorate the end of the DBS line for the current generation of Aston Martin, the brand has unveiled a limited run machine entitled, the ‘DBS 770 Ultimate’. It’s sharper, more powerful and brings more presence (if that was possible) to the already awesome Aston Martin DBS Superleggera.

Just 499 of these will be made – 300 coupes and 199 Volantes - and as the name suggests, this DBS puts out 770ps (759bhp) which is an increase of 44bhp over the regular DBS. 0-62mph times and top speed are unchanged at 3.4 seconds and 211mph respectively, but the way this new car is destined to get there is massively improved and brings heaps more drama.

Gearbox calibration has been improved to ensure quicker, sharper and more engaging shifts for maximum driver engagement. It’s still the same ZF 8-speed unit but it behaves a whole lot differently than before.

The DBS has always been a stunning machine and has been referred to by more than many as Aston Martin’s ‘brute in a suit’ so this 770 Ultimate edition has a bit of ground to cover. In typical Aston fashion though, however small the tweaks may be they are just enough to encourage a new perspective.

There’s a new front splitter on this car along with a ‘horse-shoe’ engine vent, more carbon fibre components, and a new rear diffuser. There’s new ‘Sports Plus Seats in a mix of leather and Alcantara, a laser-etched 770 ultimate logo and Carbon Fibre gearshift paddles too. 21” multi-spoke alloys finished in either Satin Silver or Satin Black compliment the bold, brutish shape of the DBS 770 Ultimate and take inspiration from the crazy Aston Martin Victor. 

Not surprisingly, all examples are already sold out so getting hold of one will be difficult. We’re looking forward to seeing one in the flesh at some point in the future however, and are pleased to see Aston Martin have commemorated the end of the line perfectly by sharpening up their ‘brute in a suit’. It's their second most powerful production car ever, second only to the Valkyrie.