• Published: 7 December 2022

Praga cars, ‘the oldest brand you’ve never heard of’ have now announced their immense venture into road-legal hypercars with their all-new machine, the Bohema.

Spanning a 115 year long history, the Czech-based manufacturer have been pioneers in engineering throughout their life. Not only have they built road cars, but there have been incredible machines created for military purposes, aeronautics, Dakar-ready delights and more recently, the incredible R1 race car.

The Bohema is here now however and is a true sight to behold. With a body made entirely of Carbon Fibre, the car’s key principles are in three main areas: to be lightweight, petrol-powered, and constructed of Carbon Fibre. It takes a lot of design cues from their R1 race car, but Praga have made it very clear that no part of that car is present in the Bohema, except for the determination to achieve an immense power to weight ratio. It’s a beautifully designed 2-seat lightweight hypercar, that has an overall aesthetic like nothing else before it. Cabin materials are excellent as is the build quality and every design detail combines function and form in perfect harmony.

Formula 1 driver, Roman Grosjean, has been a key figure in the development of the Bohema and speaks very highly of the new machine. Back in October, he had the chance to take it around the Slovakia Ring and get a feel for what it can do and how it invigorates the senses. "Driving the Bohema is an experience like no other. I do not recall driving a road legal car that close to a race car. Not to mention the looks of it – it is gorgeous!"

One of the key targets of the Bohema was to ensure it came in under the 1,000kg weight limit. Through the extensive engineering and design work of the whole team at Praga, the car is believed to be sitting at a total weight of 982kg. Engine-wise, it gets a 3.8L Twin-Turbo V6 unit, churning out 700bhp and its good for a top speed of 186mph, and a 0-62 time of less than 3.5 seconds!

Top speed and straight-line performance are not something the Bohema is necessarily homing in on though. The ethos behind the way it performs is to ensure it is the best of the best when it comes to the track, in a car that can be driven home comfortably again at the end of the day. The Bohema’s handling is precise, sharp and with next to no body roll in corners. It’s power to weight ratio is an immense accolade and echoes that philosophical spirit of the R1 race car - 1.40kg/bhp. To put that into perspective, an F1 car provides a ratio of 0.76kg/bhp and an LMP1 car provides 0.97kg/bhp. 

Inside, the car is really a true two-seater with plenty of room for both the driver and the passenger. The angle of both seats has been designed and constructed in such a way that the driver’s elbow will not impede into the passenger’s personal space as they sit together in the car. Every detail has been accounted for with the Bohema, and we have been fortunate enough to spend some time with the car and the Praga team.

Back in August of 2022, we were very lucky enough to hold a private viewing of the car in our showroom. Being able to invite a limited number of people to view it, we really got a chance to get under the skin of the car and see how it felt amongst the other cars in our showroom.

As the car furthered into development, we were also given the opportunity to experience the car at the old Top Gear test track. We can vouch for the car’s insane power to weight ratio, whilst retaining a truly breath-taking range of abilities as a new hypercar.

Praga have created a ‘#newholytrinity’ for the hypercar sector and the development of the Bohema has been extensive and precise. It will be hand-built and just 89 will be made. The first 12 cars are scheduled for production in 2023.

At Premier GT and as part of an ongoing relationship with Praga, we have an opportunity to provide any potential buyers the chance to put an order in for a Bohema, so should the car be of interest, please get in touch with us directly.